Wynn Insider: Meet Talent Relations Manager Jared Garcia

Every weekend electronic dance music’s hottest DJs take the stage at Wynn for some of the biggest parties in Vegas. If you’ve ever partied at Wynn, chances are you’ve seen – or even met the guy who makes sure those artists are well taken care of on property. Jared Garcia is his name and he’s the Talent Relations Manager for XS and Tryst Nightclub. He’s the person behind-the-scenes mixing and minlging backstage on property with your favorite music producers, writers, singers and DJ's. Every night at XS and Tryst, Jared makes sure the all-star lineup of Wynn resident DJs is ready for their nightly sets. We were intrigued by Jared's long-standing relationships with our dance music artists and got to know a little more about the man behind the stage. Check out the interview below!

  • As an artist relations manager, you get to be around some of the world's biggest DJs/producers,could you explain a "typical" day with them?

I’m there from the moment they land to the time they take off. I like to get the DJs excited when they have a Vegas show because they are here so many times a year. I don't want them to ever get bored, and also they are around Club owners, promoters, and Talent handlers almost every day so it is my responsibility to get to know each and every one of our artists and make sure they get excited and in the best mood before the show. If the artist isn't in a great mood it reflects on how the show ends up going. So depending on their interests, for example taking them to the gym at Encore, Hikes at Red Rock, Maverick Helicopter tours to the Grand Canyon, and most of the time taking them to visit our Wynn Studio where most of our artists spend the most time.

  • Collectively what are some of the favorite shops Wynn Residents enjoy visiting on property at the esplanade?

Shops that I frequent the most with the artists are Givenchy and Dior. The Dior black skinny jeans are amongst the favorite item at Dior along with their selection of shoes that a few artist love picking up every time they have a show at XS. Louis Vuitton travel luggage is a must for most DJs since they travel most of the year they are always replacing and updated their luggage.

  • Do any of the Wynn Residents have any interesting pre-show rituals?

The Encore Spa and the gym is a favorite for most, and when the artist themselves are trying to entertain their family and friends they always choose to see Le Rêve – The Dream. I know one artist that has seen the show close to ten times.

  • What are some favorite restaurants that Wynn Residents request to visit when they arrive on property?

Botero is always the best bet and it’s next to XS. Some artists have a specific table they always want to be sat at. Also Wazuzu is a top choice and first place artists like visiting right after they check into their room.

  • We are all curious about what activities Wynn Residents get into after their set?

If they don't have early flights the next day, most artist love hanging out at XS after their set rather than just leaving the venue. XS is a special place for DJs. We try to make them feel as comfortable as we can so they don't feel hounded and pressured by guests around them. XS is a place that every artist loves to hang out at. A lot of our past artists that have residencies at other venues always end up at XS after their sets. It’s a place they can hang out at with their friends knowing they are always going to have a great time.

  • Are there any strange requests Wynn Residents ask for upon arrival?

I get a lot of requests from artists but nothing too out of the ordinary. You can always tell a lot about an artist by their hospitality rider.

Photo of Jared Garcia (middle) and Diplo at XS Nightclub by Danny Mahoney