Get To Know: Jauz

This week we're getting to know DJ and music producer Jauz. Wynn Social had the pleasure of running a few questions by the mix master, and discovered some interesting facts about his musical style, favorite tracks and personal take on joining the Wynn Nightlife family. Get to know Jauz below and stay connected with the Wynn Nightlife Event Calendar to get tickets for his next set (RESERVE).

How would you describe your music to people who are unfamiliar with your style/sound?

This is always the hardest question for me to answer, because my goal was always to not be able to have a sound that could be described by a single word. My music is almost like a potluck of all the influences I've gained over the years, all mashed into one. There's hints of rock and metal, hip hop/rap, pop, house, dubstep, electro and more throughout almost all of my music in one way or another, and I think that's what gives my music its unique fingerprint. I never tried to pigeonhole my creative style or direction and I think that's helped me write some songs that appeal to one group of people, other songs that appeal to another group, and so on and so forth. My goal was always to be able to bring all different types of music lovers, electronic or otherwise, together and help them realize that even if they don't like EXACTLY the same music, we all are connected just by our love of music in general.

How excited are you to be performing at XS Nightclub? What is the best part about being a DJ?

I've been to XS so many times over the years to see so many of my peers and friends play shows there, it almost feels surreal to get to play my own show there. Ever since I was a kid I always wanted to be the guy setting the soundtrack to my life and my friends lives, especially at parties, and being a DJ is just an extension of that but exponentially bigger and better. Orchestrating a set to how I think the people in the club will have the most fun while also getting to impart my own style and influence on the night is why I started doing what I do in the first place, and I couldn't think of a better place to get to do it than XS.

What do you feel XS Nightclub offers that really give fans a unique EDM and club experience?

The coolest part of XS to me is how many different ways it can be experienced. Whether you go to a "regular" XS night (although no night is really just regular) or a Nightswim event, whether you are on the dance floor or behind the DJ booth, in the outside are or even in the pool swimming to the music, you could go to XS five nights in a row and have a unique experience each time. And I think how diverse the roster of artists who perform at XS has a huge part in that as well. We all bring our own unique spin to Vegas nightlife, no two artist’s sets are ever going to feel the same and I think that's really incredible.

What is one important lesson you have learned about the music industry?

I think probably the most important lesson I ever learned was that the music industry, or for that matter whatever industry you want to get into, isn't a competition unless you make it one. If you focus on what makes you unique and "valuable" as an artist or creative person, and focus on being the best version of yourself you can be, then there's no reason you can't succeed. The only reason you'd ever have to compete with anyone else is when you're trying to do what someone else should be doing, instead of what you're meant to do. It might sound cheesy, but to me it's really that plain and simple. And it seems to have worked out alright for me so far!

What can we expect to see/hear from you in the coming year?

This year to me is all about the music. I have an album dropping in June with a ton of songs on it with so many incredible artists and friends of mine, and I don't plan on slowing down after that. I want to put out more music this year than I have in any year before and so far I think I'm right on track!

What is the one fact that people should know about Vegas?

Something I wish someone had told me before I went to Vegas for the first time is that it's not always boiling hot every single day. In fact just the other week it was snowing! I definitely made the mistake once or twice of flying to Vegas without a jacket and immediately regretting it as soon as I stepped off the plane. Vegas is in the middle of the desert, so even if it’s scorching hot during the day it can get pretty damn cold once the sun goes down!

Do you have any favorite activities to do while you're here at Wynn Las Vegas?

One of my favorite parts of staying at the Wynn is having a music studio inside the building, Studio DMI. It's so amazing to be able to feel like I'm on vacation but also go downstairs and get work done, because I always seem to write the best music while I'm traveling or away from home. I also have to admit that I have been known from time to time to show up to the Blackjack tables with a couple friends. If you're in Vegas you might as well do it right!

What hobbies do you enjoy in your spare time?

When I have some time off, which isn't often, probably my favorite thing to do is just enjoy my downtime and spend time relaxing with my fiancé Joann and our dog, Bailey. It might sound kind of boring but when you're on the move 24/7 there's nothing you want more than to take a breath and enjoy the moment you're in. When I have more than a few days off, I always try my best to either go up to the mountains to go snowboarding (during the season) or go out and ride dirtbikes/motocross. I grew up doing both almost every weekend and getting to go out and get back into what I loved so much as a kid really helps me stay energized creatively.

What are the top five songs on your personal music playlist right now?

Cola by Camelphat
  • 17 by MK
  • Pray For Me by The Weeknd & Kendrick Lamar
  • Over You by Stwo
  • The XX - On Hold (Jamie XX Remix)